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    Tuesday, November 07, 2006



    I find this sort of sad. I attended PUC in the late 80s - early 90s. I majored in accounting and got a minor in political science. I always felt my "poly-sci" minor helped me in a lot of ways in my career. The faculty at the time was bright.

    The way you talk about the Chancellor and his relationship with the Mayor is just plain silly. The Chancellor should cooperate with the Mayor. They are both smart people.

    I rationalize that you are trying to promote yourself to compete in some wierd way with Morton Marcus from IU who also has a strange negative sarcastic way about himself.

    You argue that the Mayor is hitting below the belt by bringing up your work performance. You seem to be doing a fine job of that yourself. The Chancellor should have you terminated for things that you have written.

    Patricia L.

    I took a class with Professor Eisenstein in 2003. Not only did he inappropriately touch me, and make lewd gestures at me away from class, Professor Eisenstien made it quite clear that, if I were inclined, he would like to see me "away" from Purdue University.

    I filed a complaint with the Dean and the Chancellor over this harassment, and Maurice was diciplined accordingly (although he kept all the classes he taught before this incident, after all, Maurice has tunure).

    Knowing what I know about that pervert, I would never believe anything he says about anyone else. And if your an attractive female student, stay away from this class. Maurice is a pervert who takes advantage of his students!

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