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    Wednesday, November 29, 2006



    I assume this "attorney" is one of very high esteem. After all, only someone at a high level of power or position can stoop so low as to use infantile "you're not your daddy" insults. Nice.


    Who is this "lawyer" who claims to know something about Professor Maurice's parents? Here's my guess: a McGroupie or quite likely McGroupie himself, which explains the inability to actually formulate substantive responses opting instead for silly putdowns.

    Hammond Native

    Being an attorney, I know that 98% of all Grand Juries that are assembled result in an indictment of the person that's the target of the FBI investigation. In other words, Federal Grand Juries, once assembled, almost ALWAYS returns an indictment.

    In a blog three weeks ago, Professor Maurice stated that the McDermott family was under a federal grand jury investigation. Assuming Maurice had correct info, the indictments should be coming soon, right?

    The fact that Maurice lied is now obvious to anyone who gives this joke any credibility. He's a crap instructor, a liar and a cheat. He lied in his earlier column about the "Grand Jury Investigation," and he is lying now.

    Maurice hates the fact that he's nothing compared to his father (who was a great teacher of students). So, in order to compensate, he tears other people down by lying about them.

    Do yourself a favor and take this column off of your server addresses... this guy knows nothing about politics!

    I'm voting for Mayor Tom... and he still doesn't have an opponent. Put that in your pipe and smoke it Einstein!

    Amy Wigsmoen

    While I don't really think that McDermott, Sr has done anything wrong (since I think he's a pretty decent guy) I don't like the lack of transparency on this issue. If it does come out something wrong has occured, then I'll make my judgements then. However, I shoose to give Sr the benefit of the doubt.

    However, the mayor and his people have re-written the way this came out. He and his people claim that he was always upfront when infact, someone outed him on it on WJOB.

    I'm glad Cabelas is coming but I will never sanction the mayor's actions on bullying the owners of the CC into selling. His people say that they are glad that they have a mayor who will do what is neccessary to get things done. But I don't believe in trampling people in order to do whatever it is you want to get done.

    And now the mayor and his people deny that they were going to use eminent domain, even though their is a copy of a copy of the letter and the mayor commissioned an $18,000 study that is used specifically to acquire land through eminent domain.

    This whole deal has lacked transperancy. From beginning to now (the middle?) H even promised that the KMart property would sell, as would RP, when Cabela's came. Guess what? They're still sitting their and they're still empty.

    But hey, what do I know? I'm just anopther Mchater.


    THanks for posting my ongoing debate with another poster about the Cabelas situation. Just so everyone knows, there is an alternative to the message board, where the exchange you posted took place. It's handy to know in case the Times decides to shut it's discussion forum down again, as it did recently.
    Here's the address for the other forum:

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