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    Friday, December 08, 2006


    Henry Clay

    I have faith that soon, the Grand Jury Maurice indicated was meeting will return indictments for the McDermott family. Such an esteemed Professor wouldn't make such blatant lies up, would he?

    I guess an old saying really applies to Maurice : "Those who can do, and those who cannot teach." Maurice is a loser, and a liar!

    steve fowler

    im sorry proffessor maybe you didn't understand. specifically what law did he allegedly break? dont give me conflict of interest double speak. if im on my way to buy donuts for work and buy myself a cup of coffee at the same time but find i dont have the cash for both and decide to just pick the coffee.... that's a conflict of interest. of course its perfectly legal as well.

    site the code. site the specific legislation. you give such detailed accounts of what you claim is illegal im certain you must know the actual law.

    and with all due respect, we're not talking about ethics here sir. it was you who alledged a grand jury was convening and you who blatently proclaimed the mcdermotts broke the law. so if that's the case site the specifics.

    steve fowler

    The Mayor has answered the Cabela's questions several times before. "My father made no public money on the Cabela's deal." it seems that about covers it maurice.

    legally speaking. all public expenditures must be reported. The Mayor has said no public money was given to his father.

    whatever his father made, if anything, from cabela's on the deal is for Sr. to answer not his son.

    and Maurice i know you read the other boards. but thus far you have completly ignored my request. so ill ask you here in your forum. exactly what law, federal or state, is it that you claim the McDermotts broke? Surely since you have such a definative opinion, i'm sure you know it. so could you source the specific legislation and the law they supposedly broke for us please?

    Answer: Steve, I have answered in an earlier comment here that the Mayor's statement that no "public money" was given to Senior is the height of misleading answers when it is qualified with "public."
    The issue never was what public money was given; but rather what money did Cabellas give and what did they expect in return, given that Senior's son was the Mayor of the City of Hammond. For your information that is called a conflict of interest in any society in the United States. It is specifically an illegal act if it had occured on the Federal level or at the State of Indiana level.
    At the municiple level or any other level, it depends on what Senior was paid and what service he performed in return. If there is no clear relation between the amount of money and the service then the likelyhood is that Cabellas was buying the son and that would be illegal.
    Until that is answered, and with the McDermott's refusing to answer would lead any rational person to the conclusion that Cabellas bought the son. This is especially true since Senior has no know abilities to "sell" other than his connection to his son.
    In addition, the conclusion is universal, without exception that this kind of activity is always unethical. Even the Mayor's advisor on these issues Professor of Philosophy Howard Cohen, whose specialty is public ethics, will tell you or anyone that there is no way that this would be considered ethical, especially when that Federal and the Indiana State governments have found it to be blatently illegal.
    Stop defending the indefensible.


    THanks for your insightful entry today, If you heard the program, you knpow I was subjected to his juvenile personal attacks rather than the straight answer Ihoping to hear. uld be very simple for him to end all the speculation, all he has to do is answer the questions once and for all. Contrary to his whining today, I do not hate the mayor. I am interested in what could be a huge conflict of interest. Any reasonably aware citizen should be. There were a number of nearby "brownfield" type locations Cabelas might have considered, had they been steered that way. Instead, they were steered to a site that needs massive infrastructire work, including installation utilities. Was their choice inspired by mcsenior's fee? Sadly, we will have to wait until the $38 million in public money is spent before we know if this project will be good for the city, or just good for Cabelas and the McDermotts.

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