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    Tuesday, January 09, 2007



    First of all, there are not enough blacks in Hammond to win. Have you checked the numbers? Secondly, the hispanics can't stand the blacks. They would come out and vote against any black that runs. In the third place, McDermott is going to beat Dedelow again because the City has had some success - the River Park area - huge to residents of Hessville, Cabellas, Woodmar, the Kmart property sale, etc.

    I think Mayor McDermott has got a lot of things done while he has been Mayor.

    Guys like you just bitch all the time. Let's see you do it! You would get like 3 votes. You can't communicate, you're not phisically attractive, and you don't seem to stand for anything except argument.


    So true-thanks Professor!

    Joe Buck

    Old-timer, This is typical Eisensteinian bigotry. In the classroom, in the paper, too.

    Prof. Maurice Eisenstein

    You miss two points:
    First, to my knowledge it is not Higgs
    Second, I only stated that most African-Americans and Hispanics are not bow and arrow hunters and that a higher percentage are renters than homeowners. All confirmed by the Census information.


    So this explains your holiday celebration at the Philpot residence? Your to be the boob that floats Higgs as a candidate to try to scare The Mayor?

    Funny stuff. Ill give you guys credit for ingenuity. But McDermott isn't going to come before The Godfather Philpot on bended knee anytime soon.

    And by the way. By claiming no African Americans fish or hunt, or own homes in Hammond, aren't you the one who is coming acrossed as racist?

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