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    Friday, January 05, 2007


    Prof. Maurice Eisenstein

    Mr. Equalizer:
    Why would you think that I utilized an understated tone? Why should I care if it is understated or overstated? It seems to me that if you think that I was understating, then you missed my main points. But so be it.

    The Equalizer

    Wow I cant even get angry over that one. I'm wondering why you chose such an understated tone this week? I also wonder if you are actually trying to help the Mayor by making his detractors seem so pathetic no one would give them credibility. I seriously believe people like yourself help the Mayor's poll numbers far more than they hurt them.

    As for your post, that's just laughable! The small businessman you quote actually ran against McDermott in the Democratic Primary in 2003. So somehow I'm a little leery of his plight. That is also the same guy who Kiesling wrote about several months ago, who told him he ran for office just for the insurance.

    But Hes your big highlight now to point out McDermott doesnt care for the little guy?

    Last I recall little guys didn't own hotels, even slummy ones on Baltic Avenue.

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