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    Friday, October 26, 2007


    Nick Zivanovic

    Fowler, you're an idiot. The IP address info that Maurice posted came from the access logs of his own blog, not the Times BBS. I have the same access on my own blog and can show that this is the MO of the Team because someone did the same thing to me. I have 11 comments in my moderation queue that came from the same (SBC owned) IP address within a one-hour period of time, all claiming to be from different people. The immaturity of this administration and the Team that supports it is beyond belief.

    Incidentally, the IP address mentioned in the blog post belongs to the City of Hammond (not SCH) according to ARIN. While it appears to be a NATted address making it impossible to tie to a specific computer, it can certainly be tied to a router at Hammond City Hall. That my taxes (you know Stevie, those of us that actually OWN houses in Hammond pay those) are paying some McDermott crony to post crap like this is disheartening. Not unexpected, just disheartening.

    Former PUC Student

    Unlike McJr, I do not need to create multiple identities to mask my posts. I am however bothered, to say the least, that McJr would waste the taxpayer money to spend time bashing a college professor. It is unfair for Hammond taxpayers for you to be on city time AND work at a University. It is also a shame that this man, if you can call him that, will NOT discuss: the issues, go to represent the city for better education or do ANYTHING to represent us, the taxpayers, when it comes to making life better. This city IS INDEED turning into a Gary and East Chicago-like city where corruption is rampant. The Hammond Health Department--while I do not personally utilize its' services--is vital to those who DO use it. While the Greeks [and all their rodents] continue to have problems in their substandard restaurants this dept. is essential to ensure that the patrons do not get ill while enjoying a meal. I can not say anything negative about Dr. Eisenstein as he has been a huge influence on my political ideals, but what I CAN say is that this man does ALL he can for his students insofar as helping us develop our own opinion politically. I can NOT stress enough how sad it is that Tommyboy spends much of his time trying to destroy a man with integrity--which Tommyboy does NOT possess. It is sad that a man without a full term under his belt is teaching Lake County Politics. What is he teaching: how to lie, embezzle, break up a newspaper union, how to be investigated by Federal Prosecutors, and how to screw the city out of MILLIONS of dollars? His job is to HELP make the CITY better--not make his daddy and his cronies more money. Moreover, I just want to know two things: who is blowing whom in the McJr/Cohen relationship and who is bitch and who is the butch in the McJr/Fowler relationship. Hey Monica...I mean Tommyboy, why don't you put your blue suit up and wipe your mouth; your TRUE colors are showing! Why don't you do what you were elected to do...oh I forgot your allegiance is NOT to the residents, it's to those who line your war chest with ill-gotten gains! Lastly, I LOVE how your programs EXCLUDE renters--ESPECIALLY those who are lifelong Hammond residents who are elderly, disabled or on a fixed income and can not afford to purchase a home, but can only afford to rent.

    steve fowler

    wrong again quackers lol. hammond native is a well known detractor of the current mayor. he has previously been identified by others on the message board but im not going to repeat his name here. but its easily findable information.

    its my understanding that various computers on the same network will show the same ip address. so for instance if the ip were tied to an office at the schools...everyone in that office would show up under the same ip. so once again you are drawing conclusions from circumstantial information

    but as hammond native to my knowledge has never worked for the schools or the city...this seems implausible as well.

    so basically something in your info clearly isnt right. but that's not news to you is it?

    besides that where did you get this information? its only accessable through the times with their explicit permission. so you have a guy on the inside of their web operations? did they violate the law and their workplace mandates in getting this supposedly confidential (as laid out in the times message board rules) information to you?

    keep spouting the lies and making the false allegations. my only disappointment with the latest batch is that it isnt about me again.

    and while im momentarilly talking to you...have you gotten any interesting letters voicing concern from you publishers lately? keep hanging around the mail box if they havent come in yet.

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