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    Tuesday, October 30, 2007



    This may be in the wrong column. In regards to Chancellor Cohen and his writings. Have any of you read anything written by Cohen? There is a little Marxist (Karl not Groucho) feel to his article "Abortion and the Quality of LIfe." I may be wrong so if you have read that and can tell me that I am seeing something (a particular school of thought, or??) else, then great. I want to pick up his writings on equality for children to see if that flavor comes out in that.


    Pretty crazy stuff.

    It's just another example of what happens when there is no check on political power.

    Power causes people to do strange things to keep their grip on that power.

    It doesn't matter which party it is -- people given ultimate power will tend to abuse that power unless there are external restraints.

    The only antidote to this fundamental human flaw is a strong two party system that provides accountability.

    Unfortunately, there is no opposition party in Lake County that is able to provide the fundamental check of political accountability that is clearly needed in this case.

    NOT voting for Babymac

    "maybe I should post how many times the IP address checks out my blog page."
    I think you should! After all we, the taxpayers, are paying this liar to abuse the public trust, lie, smear a professor, make threatening phone calls to Councilmen and other individuals whom oppose him, teach on the taxpayer dime, play the role of Lewinsky to Cohen, and a plethora of other things that I do not need to repeat over, and over, and OVER again! As an aside, I LOVE the fact that his minion, Folwer, is 'hosting' a debate is his own private home--away from the voters and probably created the questions for McCriminal while he, McCriminal, was playing Lewinsky to Fowler as well! What is is common with corruption and control freak: they're BOTH spelled McDermott! Keep raising hell Maurice, we--the taxpayers--need open government and you are EXACTLY the one who shows us who is controlling whom!

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