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    Tuesday, October 09, 2007



    Someone from the Westchester library said that her library had asked when they would get a copy of the final report and they were told that the final report would not be made public. Someone else then said that the IU people -- who are coordinating all these focus groups and writing the report, I think the person is John Stafford -- are trying to claim that they do not have to disclose the final report to the public. Finally, one of the table representatives talked about this in their presentation to the whole group. This information was circulated at the event, but independent verification would be good.

    Working Hammond Mother

    I also saw the McDermott billboard the other day, and I loved it. He's a good looking man, and I love what he is doing for Hammond. I am voting for him, and so is my husband and sister (who also thinks he's great).

    BTW, I think you are a jackass Maurice. The only reason I read your blog is to laugh at your follies. You and I know each other from way back, and I know who you really are! You should move to another part of the state, where your P.H.D. will impress people, until they get to know you!


    I hadn't heard that the final report wouldn't be made public. That's an interesting development.

    Republican Right Democrat Left

    Eating lunch the other day I noticed a McDermott billboard. It is funny how boldly the mayor reminds viewers of this sign how much he values the "right" priorities and underlines the word "right" in the statement. It is such a great hidden message to all the Republicans how the alleged Democrat still finds his roots in the Republican ideals. One must admit that the man has a good McMarketing scheme. Seems like the statement can also read "The Republican priorities" which seems so odd considering he is a Democrat. Perhaps he will give secret decoder rings out during his next campaign so we can read between the lines and translate the double speak of his McStatements and McActions.

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