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    Thursday, October 15, 2009



    My solution to Gary's problems is not overly complicated; but it is doubtful that the City "fathers" will do anything about it.
    First is education. (This is also the first through the last. You solve this problem; you have solved ALL your problems.) I would start with the top, IUN. The City of Gary needs to end the racism that says that the tax money goes to white campuses such as Bloomington or Muncie, but not to campuses in more integrated places like IUN, PUC and IUPFW. The students here get half the tax dollars of a West Lafayette. If it were equalized, this would be more money than Gary gets from gambling (without the costs. I would make sure that racism results in the buildings, i.e. construction the Indiana University Presidents and Trustees promised; but did not deliver under Clay.
    K-12 is also easy. Make them into boot camps and make sure that everyone marches to same tune and to the same learning that has served everyone well for 200 years. Declare the School City bankrupt and get rid of ALL the administrators and the union. Until you do that there will be no change. Once education is turned around everything else follows: property values, businesses, jobs, lower crime, etc.
    It is simple. The only problem is that educational money is the hardest to steal. So with Tom McDermott in charge of the Democrat Party it will never happen.



    While I agree with some of the comments you stated, my sity being ran by some incompetent people... if you had it your way, what would you do different, what would you do first? and knocking the city down is not an option... when we focus on all the negatives, we need to have some positive of what could happen- so what are yours?



    Maurice, I was actually thinking the same thing the other day.

    I was just running some numbers in my head.

    Rough population of Gary is 100k. How many homes is that? Say 25k.

    We know that, as of 2006, 25% of them were abandoned, and already owned by the city for back taxes. That was before the subprime crisis. Let's say that there's a 50% abandonment rate now.

    So, there are maybe 13,000 real, occupied homes.

    You could probably get those homes for $15k on average. Let's just say.

    That's 195 million dollars.

    Add a hundred million for demolition, and we could wipe Gary off the face of the earth and start over for 1/6 of what they paid to build the Steel Yard.

    That would free up the land for other purposes.

    What purposes?

    How about building that trash to ethanol boondoggle there? At least it would have good highway access to ship in garbage from Chicago and make former Democrat State Party Chairmen even richer than they already are.

    Jack Lesky

    When you are interested in sharing a dialogue that is productive with my team and I we can set up a meeting. i think you will find it to be productive.

    Maurice Eisenstein

    Jack, I appreciate what you are saying; but it is not new. Do not confuse truth with slamming. There is no nice way to say it. I wish it could be different; but the people made the decisions on their politicians and leaders. Look at who is heading the Democratic party in Lake County.
    I may be interested in pursuing a dialogue if I was convinced that there would be anything new; but so far it is a repetitions of the same lines.

    Jack Lesky

    Mr. Eisenstein,
    I read your blog and I while I appreciate your perspective,things can change for Gary. I am not,nor, will I be a part of the corruption that exists.My team and myself bring new ideas, new initiatives, and a completely new vision for Gary. We will succeed.
    Gary is the centrifuge for the entire Lake County area with problems. Changing Gary is the first step in fundamental change in the region.
    I respect your position and ask you to direct your efforts at trying to change this unfortunate circumstance and offer solutions.Gary is ideally situated geographically, it has more than adequate infrastructure, and can recover from this devastation.
    Continuing to slam Gary derves no purpose for anyone.We need to focus on the future and what can be, not what is.... ... Read More
    I have emailed you in the past and would be more than happy to open dialogue with you.
    I think that you will find our approach to be a complete departure from what has transpired in the past.
    We are prepared to roll up our sleeves and get to work...
    will you help us?

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