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    Sunday, November 08, 2009


    Maurice Eisenstein

    See my reply to Joe Semento at the top.


    your point is well taken.  The problem is that the intellectual and political classes of Lake County want to keep on pick-pocketing money from the citizens of Porter County (and Lake County too.)   There is nothing absolutely nothing that the RDA has done that is worth the money they have stolen.
    In the mean time, they have taken millions of dollars out of cities, towns, and counties that really need the money.  Let us not forget the taxpayers whose money is being lost.

    Prof. Maurice Moshe Eisenstein, Ph.D.
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    Purdue University Calumet
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    "So much of what we call management consists in making it difficult for people to work." - Peter F. Drucker

    Joe Semento

    Listen, it is becoming painfully obvious that a majority of Porter county taxpayers do not want the RDA,RBA,RTA, and do not want to pay for them either!
    Compare it to a cancer patient's therapy.
    The therapy makes them throw up,weak, and interfears with daily routines, it may or may not cure the cancer. The percentages of success are told to the patient in the beginning with glowing enthusiasm. The fact is if it doesn't kill you, it may make you stronger. After the insurance money runs out and if you are alive and if you want to live, and if indeed it extended your time on earth,was it worth it to the patient,or the relatives, or the entity that prescribed it? It is a personal decision I guess, generally influenced by relatives who do not have to go thru the vomiting and pain of the cure! Sounds like the R D A (Relatives not Doing Any paying)to me!


    An interesting point Professor, I was wondering during the whole debate in Porter County earlier in the year when the residents of Lake County would note that the RDA is a really good deal for Porter County but not as much for Lake.

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