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    Saturday, January 23, 2010


    Richard J. Balutewicz Jr.

    First of all Mr. Eisenstein I did not address the validity of your statements, only the many miss-spellings and negativity. BUT since you bring up the point let me begin with this excerpt taken from the official decision in the case of The State of Indiana and City of East Chicago vs. Robert Pastrick (James Fife III and Frank Kollintzas) in regards to casino monies. “In contrast to the system employed by Pastrick, in Hammond, Indiana, all casino fees were paid directly to the City of Hammond to be appropriated by the City Council and then disbursed. (Tr. 122.)”
    This is only one of you facts that can be disproved and if I felt like wasting more time I am sure that I would be able to disprove many others.

    Second, Mr. Eisenstein, I have no ties to Hammond besides attending PUC and childhood memories of going to the Army/Navy surplus store when it was downtown. I clearly remember the downtown area being in extreme disrepair compared to what it is now. That is evidence that you cannot argue with (but I am sure you still will because I believe it is in deeply ingrained in your character or you are just an unhappy person).

    Third, as for your allegations of me having a problem with professors. I can say that I have had good experiences with professors, although there have been some that I have disagreed with their philosophy (and Vice Versa) and a few could brush up on their people skills. Nonetheless I hold the professors that I have had in the highest esteem. I am also respected by my professors. I was one of the students that was nominated and selected by my peers, and the faculty and staff of PUC as Who's Who among students at American colleges and universities. I was also selected as Top Senior in Journalism and have donated approximately 200 hours of volunteer service in the last three academic years as a student ambassador for PUC. I have given tours and built up PUC to people from poverty level minorities and immigrants to Pres. Cordova and many walks of life in between. PUC has my loyalty.

    Fourth, to be quite honest with you Mr. Eisenstein you frighten me. Really, who in their right, rational thinking mind would want to be labeled a supplier (implying a drug supplier). These words are Libel per se. I am beginning to think that what you consider the 'Charm' of a blog also includes no ramifications for what one has posted. Let me assure you that blogs are held to the same standards as a newspaper, TV and other publications. As for your so called opinions (more of an accusatory tone) here is a test to determine if statements are opinion or assertion of fact. It comes from the case of Ollman v. Evans. It is called The Ollman Test.
    1.Can the statement be proved true or false?
    2.What is the common or ordinary meaning of the words?
    3.What is the journalist context of the remark?
    4.What is the social context of the remark?

    Your flagrant grammatical error “He may no like that Hammond under Baby Mac is a failure” tells me that you are an agitator hoping to get a rise out of me and therefore(in my book) not worthy of serious discourse, debate or my sharp tongued writings.

    I say good day sir.

    Response: "You may have not mentioned any criticism of my statements that we agree on, what you do not recognize is that you still have not. You make ad ho-minim statements that relate to nothing. By the way, read what you write, you will find typos and tense mistakes on your part. A journalism major only indicates that you know style over substance. The level of intelligence reflected in your answer and arbitrary references to court cases derived from text-books shows that you might very well be learning the law from some mayor. Good luck. If things are some positive and optimistic, why are you now longer living in NWI, in particularly Hammond, Gary, or East Chicago? That is because you have a big mouth; but no guts or honesty. Your problem is that you have to respond because you know most of what I say is true."

    Maurice Eisenstein

    Mr. Balutewicz must have a real problem with professors, critics, or he is Baby Mac supplier in disguise. Except for the fact the he claims that my comments are always negative, which is empirically not accurate, he offers no argument that I am in any way incorrect.
    If one reads what he actually says, or vents, there is nothing said that points to anything inaccurate in my "so-called" negative commentary. He may no like that Hammond under Baby Mac is a failure; but that is the truth. My "typos" do not change anything about my accurate evaluation. This is a blog; it is part of its charm. I have read these comments about my job, my "negativity," the PS, etc. all from people who acknowledge that I am right. This is usually from Mayor Baby Mac, whose father taught us all how to steal, so I suspect from the language that this is Baby Mac (Tom McDermott, Jr.) who put someone up to this or like in the past, did it himself. Talk about someone who cannot get a job. It has been verified that he is the most incompetent lawyer and politician in Indiana.

    Richard J. Balutewicz Jr.

    I spent over an hour looking through Northwest Indiana Comical Politics hoping to find something of a positive tone, but to no avail. I seriously doubt that you have any constructive ideas, because if you did you would run for an office instead of just complaining about the present paradigm. You constantly and consistently bash Hammond the home of your employer-Purdue University Calumet. I equate it to taking a hammer to the side of the boat that keeps one afloat. Enough hits and it is sure to sink. I hope that you work on your typographical errors before it is time to find another job. As a student at PUC I find it an embarrassment when a professor cannot even spell correctly. How did you get your job? Are you pay-to-play in the private sector?-----Sincerely, Richard J. Balutewicz Jr.
    P.S.The old saying reads true in your case-"Those who can, do. Those who can't teach."

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