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    Tuesday, July 13, 2010



    To Hasidim, which is meant as a religious slur against me, you have established that you are a pompous ignorant person. You have the ability to string words together with no substance whatsoever.
    You never state one statement or fact or contradiction to any one of my substantial years of commentary. This does establish that you are either mentally slow or one of the thieves.
    Now to be honest. At this point I do not know who this is. It is done anonymously; but, it has occurred before. The usual culprit is Mayor McDermott or one of his cronies. I do not know that this is the case here, but this has been his form in the past. It is consistent with McDermott's political debate and discussion format. Not just with me; but, with everyone who he has had contact with.


    Uh, you have zero credibility when it comes to ethics or more specifically critique ethical behaviour.

    You fabricate lies to support your theories, and throw around dangerous accusations and retreat from them through semantics and double talk.

    You are ineffectual due to your fabrications that remove credibility.

    Look at your blogs, look at the sum of how you express yourself to the world... you OFFER nothing, only ridicule. Much of which is conspiracy based and much of the more ‘explosive’ “facts” are pure fabrications to justify your fervent repugnant behaviour.


    Glad to see you back writing again Professor, you are welcome to cross post on Northwest Indiana Politics too anytime. I'm not at all concerned about google penalties for redundant content, the key is getting more people engaged on as many platforms as possible.

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