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Religion and the Politics of Tolerance: How Christianity Builds Democracy
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Religion and the Politics of Tolerance: How Christianity Builds Democracy (Paperback)
by Marie A. Eisenstein (Author)
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Editorial Reviews
Professor Eisenstein has provided a valuable addition to the literature on political tolerance. She demonstrates theoretical sophistication and methodological innovation as she modifies our understanding of the relationship between religion and tolerance. This is an important book. --Ted G. Jelen, Professor and Chair of Political Science, University of Nevada at Las Vegas

A valuable study by a very promising new scholar of religion and politics. Using a variety of sources-- including surveys, focus group research, and a thorough literature review-- Eisenstein nicely demonstrates how modern religion and political tolerance work hand-in-hand to foster the values of a liberal democracy in the U.S. This book therefore makes a strong case against the common assumption of many observers that religion fosters intolerance and that it undermines liberal democratic values. --Mark J. Rozell, Professor, School of Public Policy, George Mason University

Product Description
Challenging a widespread belief that religious people are politically intolerant, Marie Ann Eisenstein offers compelling evidence to the contrary. In this surprising and significant book, she thoroughly re-examines previous studies and presents new research to support her argument that there is, in fact, a positive correlation between religious belief and practice and political tolerance in the United States. Eisenstein utilizes sophisticated new analytical tools to re-evaluate earlier data and offers persuasive new statistical evidence to support her claim that religiousness and political tolerance do, indeed, mix--and that religiosity is not the threat to liberal democracy that it is often made out to be.

About the Author
Marie A. Eisenstein (Ph.D. Purdue University) is Assistant Professor of Political Science in the School of Public and Environmental Affairs-Political Science, Indiana University Northwest.
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